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Alberta Chamber of Resources

Alberta Chamber of Resources is a member-driven organization involved in resource development in the province. It was founded in 1936 as the Alberta and Northwest Chamber of Mines.

Alberta Chamber of Resources' members are mining, energy, and forestry companies - those that create resource-based products, and those that provide the diverse infrastructure, products and services essential to resource development.

Among Canadian and international resource industry organizations, Alberta Chamber of Resources is unique in its focus on Alberta; in bringing together companies across sectors and functions; and in creating space for communication and collaboration among this diverse membership as well as between resource companies and other resource development stakeholders.

Pivotal contributions by Alberta Chamber of Resources include the 2011 Task Force on Resources Development + the Economy, the 2006 best practices compendium Learning From Experience - Aboriginal Programs in the Resource Industries, and the 1995 National Task Force report The Oil Sands: A New Energy Vision for Canada.

ACR's Mission

As a resource-based, cross-sector industry organization, the Alberta Chamber of Resources provides leadership for the orderly and responsible development of our natural resources.

Shared Beliefs

ACR and our members believe in:

  • Visionary and ethical leadership that values people, safe work places, the environment, stakeholders, natural resources, economic benefits to society and profitability.
  • Innovation as an essential tool to generate creative, practical, science-based, profitable solutions.
  • Formal education and lifelong learning as essential enablers for innovation.
  • Cooperation, open dialogue and consensus building with a broad range of stakeholders.
  • Sharing of best practices.
  • Our collective ability to positively shape the future.

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