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Building on the best of the old and the new

PCL was founded in Saskatchewan in 1906 by Ernie Poole, who, when he sold the growing business to his sons more than 40 years later, wrote down the best of his fatherly advice in a one-page list of business principles. As it turned out, not only did they help George and John run, build, and maintain the character of the company, they were preserved and now extend in their power and influence far beyond family and antiquity.

PCL, today, is a global family of construction companies engaging and employing thousands in civil infrastructure, heavy industrial, and buildings markets (more than 3,300 fulltime professional and administrative staff and more than 6,500 hourly trades people) – projects that draw on management processes and technologies. And the size and scope are incredible, too: PCL has annual construction volume of more than $6 billion, making it the largest contracting organization in Canada and one of the largest in the United States. Major offices are located across Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean, and Australia,

And yet, through it all Poole’s Rules prevail. Indeed, they have evolved into an official statement of mission and values and form the basis for the overall PCL Code of Conduct.

Four of the key Poole’s Rules are:

  • Encourage integrity, loyalty, and efficiencies.
  • Be fair in all dealings with owners, architects, engineers and sub-contractors.
  • Keep your word as good as your bond.
  • Be firm, fair, and friendly.

Fatherly advice turned to modern-day effect. For example:

  • Market Expansion: From its Saskatchewan beginnings, PCL has grown with the times, the opportunities, the markets, and its own increasing capacity to take on ever more complex and demanding projects.
  • Innovation: PCL Industrial operates one of the largest and most sophisticated pipe fabrication facilities in Canada. Operations in Nisku, Alberta are expanding with the recent development of an additional 40 acres of land, and the construction of a new headquarters building that will help effectively manage the very active industrial marketplace.
  • Power of Scale: The company’s $240-million inventory includes tower cranes, concrete forms, shoring and scaffolding, heavy earthmoving and highway equipment, and computer and office equipment. The company is also able to source from markets worldwide, bringing increased value to projects and cost savings to clients.
  • Power of People: Top-notch employee ability and capacity combined with a host of leading edge training programs and continuous improvement and learning opportunities, help develop and inspire the best construction industry workforce there is.

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