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Delivering the goods year in and year out

CN is a major North American shipper of natural resources and other products. Its freight revenues are derived from seven commodity groups (including coal and petroleum coke, metals and minerals, forest products, and petroleum and chemicals) representing a diversified and balanced portfolio of goods transported between a wide range of origins and destinations. This product and geographic diversity better position the company to face economic fluctuation and enhance its potential for growth opportunities.

In 2011, CN’s shipments of all natural resources represented more than 50 percent of total freight revenue and shipping volume. In the latter case, for instance, it moved 560,000 carloads of petroleum and chemicals, 1,013,000 carloads of metals and minerals, 443,000 carloads of forest products, and 464,000 carloads of coal.

CN developed an exclusive information system to better manage the flow of coal “from the mine to the ship.” Working with customers and coal terminal operators, CN made the most of the supply chain by modifying scheduling for ships and trains, and making other changes to improve productivity and fluidity. As a result, CN moved more than a million tons of additional coal that may never have made is to market.

CN provides unique rail access to aluminum, mining, steel and iron ore producing regions, which are among the most important in North America. This access, coupled with the company’s transload and port facilities, has made CN a leader in the transportation of copper, lead, zinc, concentrates, iron ore, refined metals and aluminum.

CN has extensive rail access to the western and eastern Canadian fibre-producing regions, which are among the largest fibre source areas in North America.

Overall, CN is more than just a railroad. It is a transportation company that offers integrated transportation services: rail, intermodal, trucking, freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution. CN operates the largest rail network in Canada and the only transcontinental network in North America, it has more than 21,000 route-miles of track in North America, offering rail connections to three coasts and serving close to 75 percent of the U.S. population and all major Canadian markets. It serves ports on the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts while linking customers to all three North American Free Trade Agreement nations.

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