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President's Message
Ron Kruhlak

ACR President 2016 - 2018

2016 marks the 80th year for the Alberta Chamber of Resources. Eight decades - spanning remarkable changes in resource development and innovation. In the last decade alone, the public and global expectations of resource development have increased exponentially.

The longevity of this organization is a testament to the past leaders who were both dedicated and thoughtful.

At this significant milestone, in view of the significant challenges that we are facing, we need to provide leadership for the orderly and responsible development of our natural resources. We must strive towards continuous improvement. The greatest tribute we can give our predecessors to ensure their legacy continues, is to address the current priorities and serve the best needs of the ACR membership, and all Albertans.

At our annual general meeting in February 2016, our past president (who I believe is a "thought-leader" in this province), Leon Zupan, spoke about two kinds of future: a default future, where others set the agenda; or an envisioned future, where the current leaders deal with the challenges now before us - challenging economic times key among them. The second option - drawing upon action rather than reaction, optimism in place of despair, energy and ingenuity over complacency, listening as much as talking - is the right path forward.

The ACR's Strategic Framework 2014 - 2018 supplemented by its current Action Plan will help move us along that path. Some of the key focus areas include:

  • highlighting Alberta's competitive advantage: our portfolio of natural resources and our highly trained and innovative human resources
  • Continue to develop plans for industry and government to work together to move ahead from our present circumstances by building on that sustainable competitive advantage
  • Maintain the momentum of our committees and volunteers - we have dozens of highly qualified individuals from all sectors of the resource industry working together on behalf of the organization and the people of Alberta.

Our past is long and impressive, our future is in our hands and unwritten. It is not only our privilege, but it is our responsibility to build on the record, and help ensure that Albertans enjoy and have a sustainable environment, a healthy economy, and pride and respect for the responsible development of our natural resources.

I can commit that we will continue to work honorably and honestly with our stakeholders to ensure that this organization not only remains robust and relevant to its membership, but makes a clear contribution to achieving the future that we believe will value all Albertans.


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