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The Silvacom Group

The Silvacom Group™ provides custom consulting services and technology solutions related to land planning and development, geospatial technology, and advanced web applications. Silvacom deploys highly effective design, innovation and creativity to help their clients solve real-world problems. Silvacom has the rare ability to understand client needs, discern and document business processes, create order out of chaos, and deliver web-enabled, geospatial solutions that offer a rich, engaging experience. This improves user satisfaction, increases productivity, and most importantly, solves their customers’ problems. Clients include oil and gas exploration and production companies, upstream, midstream and transmission companies, electric utilities, forest products companies, government agencies and First Nations groups.

Silvacom’s business is divided into two main areas: natural resource consulting and technology development. The consulting group focuses on solving problems and advancing innovative solutions in the following areas:

  • Environmental stewardship (monitoring environmental disturbance and cumulative effects)
  • Integrated land management (ILM) and landscape-level planning
  • Quantitative modeling and visualization of outcomes
  • Forest inventory, planning and management
  • Energy industry surface lands management and support for project implementation
  • Water and wildlife resource conservation
  • Remote sensing for landscape analysis and ecological inventories
  • Biomass and carbon cycle measurement and forecasting in vegetative ecosystems

Silvacom’s technology development group creates and hosts world-class geospatial, web-enabled solutions that help their customers save money, stay agile and operate more effectively. Client-hosted or SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, developed by Silvacom, include a suite of tools that manage work flow and operational data. Silvacom’s systems lower the cost of handling large and complex data sets, improve the distribution and accessibility of spatial and non-spatial data, and result in better communications inside, and outside, their clients’ organizations. A few examples of these solutions are:

  • Consultation Tracker brings an innovative approach to assisting in the management of stakeholder consultation as a turn-key solution and facilitates consultation on both large and small projects.
  • Scouting Application facilitates field scouting activities with spatial web editing capabilities that allows and tracks multiple planning iterations between multidisciplinary teams. The application produces a package to initiate surveying of the development, including a report card highlighting the spatial interaction of the plans with environmental and other constraints.
  • Spill Tracker simplifies the process of tracking and managing any kind of spills, hazardous or otherwise, that might occur on the land base.
  • Crossing Tracker assists in the management and monitoring of bridges and watercourse crossings and is in alignment with the Foothills Stream Crossing Steering Committee Stream Crossing Inspections Manual.

The unifying theme to The Silvacom Group™ is DATA – they are recognized as a world leader in the development and implementation of natural resource data strategies and have trademarked the phrase “Data Is Our Core Business™”. With a quality program anchored by ISO 9001 certification, Silvacom concentrates on capturing, organizing, storing, protecting, analyzing, visualizing and serving up client data in a secure, cost-effective approach over the internet. Recent investments in AltaLIS Ltd. and MNC (Martin Newby Consulting) in Calgary expand Silvacom’s service offering in cadastral mapping and the acquisition and distribution of mission critical data for multi-sector developments.

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