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In 1997, at the age of 25, Lance Torgerson founded Noralta Lodge Ltd. Starting with one staff member he opened his first mobilized camp of 16 beds, Camp Keltor, in Wabasca. Since then, Noralta Lodge has grown to nine full-service lodges spread throughout northern Alberta. These camps have the capacity to house thousands of workers without making any concessions to comfort or quality. Independently owned and operated, the Noralta Lodge team now operates one of the largest lodging companies in the country.

Located at key sites in and around Alberta’s more active oilsands projects, Noralta Lodge accommodates large-scale bookings for some of the industry’s largest producers and contractors. Priding themselves on flexibility and a willingness to meet customer’s needs, the Noralta Lodge name has become synonymous with dependability.

Guests are provided an evolving menu of gourmet dishes, all prepared by Red Seal chefs. The kitchens remain open 24 hours a day and give workers the choice between varieties of healthy food options. For days spent out on-site, guests have access to a variety of portable lunch choices. When returning to the lodge, guests are given a comfortable room complete with HD televisions, high-speed internet, sound-inhibiting construction, and blackout curtains.

Noralta Lodge also includes fully equipped games and recreation facilities. Every lodge offers an area to relax and socialize between shifts. Fitness facilities and exercise classes are also available on-site including cardio machines, weightlifting equipment, nutrition coaching, yoga classes, and much more.

It is Noralta Lodge’s belief that when the staff is invested in the customer, the entire experience improves. It’s this focus that has allowed them to maintain the high level of service delivery in every new lodge it opens.

With over 750 employees, Noralta Lodge has become a major presence in northern Alberta. Not only are they making an economic impact on the province, they’re targeting important community initiatives and providing support to important causes and organizations. Through financial support and volunteer participation Noralta Lodge focuses its efforts on health and well-being, education and training, cultural and social initiatives, community and industry donations, and sponsorship.

Currently two additional lodges are in the planning and building phase that will add hundreds of beds for remote workers. In seven short years Noralta Lodge has evolved to serve thousands of people, companies, and communities through the hard work and dedication of their staff. In the coming years, Noralta Lodge promises to continue offering a down-to-earth environment for its guests and employees. 

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