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Keyano College

Building foundations of knowledge, innovation, and shared opportunity in the heart of the oil sands

It is hard to think of an institution of post-secondary learning, not only more proximate to one of the greatest natural resource treasures in the world, but more historically and immediately central as well to the pace and tenor of its orderly and responsible development. Knowledge and innovation have always been the master keys for more fully unlocking the potential of Alberta’s vast resource base, and Keyano College has long been among the best positioned to help open the door on opportunity, for everyone.

Keyano College is located in the heart of the oil sands region in Fort McMurray—it is, in fact, the only comprehensive community college in all of Wood Buffalo—and offers specialized training to more than 3,000 credit students and nearly 13,000 continuing education students. The main Clearwater Campus is located in downtown Fort McMurray with the Suncor Energy Industrial Campus located in the Gregoire Industrial Park and the newest campus in Fort Chipewyan. Learning Centres are located in Fort McKay, Anzac, Janvier, and Conklin.

The institution opened in Fort McMurray in 1965 as the Alberta Vocational Centre, and in 1978 Keyano College went public and became a community college when the province appointed a Board of Governors to serve as the decision-making body. Over the years, Keyano’s programs and service offerings have become more diversified in accordance with the demands and interests of the region’s expanding population and multicultural orientation.

Today, students can choose from certificate and diploma programs in a wide variety of areas: Aboriginal Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, Environmental Technology, Office Administration, Practical Nurse, and Human Resources Management, among them. A host of safety certification, technical, language, personal development and other continuing education courses are also on offer.

A number of trades programs are available as well, such as Mechanical Construction Trades Preparation, Heavy Equipment Technician—FINNtech, Power and Process Engineering, and more. In partnership with other institutions and national industry organizations, Keyano offers quality, accredited programs leading to nationally recognized professional certifications including Occupational Health & Safety, Supply Management and much more. By partnering with industry leaders, students are given the chance to work in their job of choice before graduating.

Apprenticeship programs are also offered for trades such as Carpenter, Crane and Hoisting Operator (Mobile and Tower), Electrician, Heavy Equipment Technician, Millwright, Steamfitter/Pipefitter, and Welder. First-rate technology is used to provide the Keyano Advantage, which is why a new Oil Sands Power and Process Engineering Laboratory is under construction. This facility, which was funded in part by industry leaders, will begin training students in January 2014.

Among some recent performance outcomes, Keyano has:

  •  Supported faculty-driven applied research and innovation initiatives through the Innovation Fund
  •   Collaborated with stakeholders in Fort Chipewyan to offer the first pre-employment Carpentry program
  •  Provided advanced haul truck evaluations for more than 200 oil sands industry employees, and evaluated over 1,100 welders through invigilation of over 2,200 welding recertification exams
  •  Initiated accreditation for the Haul Truck program through the Mining Industry Human Resource Council
  •  Collaborated with the Registered Apprenticeship Program and Careers: The Next Generation to enhance system planning

Keyano College also plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life within the Wood Buffalo region by collaborating with stakeholders to support social, cultural, and economic development initiatives. The College’s specialized facilities and expertise available through its theatre, conservatory, and the Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre make Keyano an integral partner in providing arts, cultural, and recreational experiences for students and other residents of Wood Buffalo. Keyano College has actively positioned itself as a community builder along with its industry and community partners and has facilitated both the achievement of rural development objectives by educating and training the human resource capital required for industry expansion, while serving as the primary acculturating institution within the region.

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