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Devon is a pioneer in steam-assisted gravity drainage, or SAGD. In 1998, Devon acquired a pilot SAGD project called Dover, which had been set up by the Alberta Government in 1984. Devon operated the project until 2005, when it focused its attention on the Jackfish Project southeast of Conklin, Alberta. Construction of the inaugural Jackfish project began in the first quarter of 2005, with production commencing in December 2007—it is now a 35,000 barrel per day project, with total recoverable resources estimated at more than 300 million barrels. Two similar projects were subsequently announced: Jackfish 2 and Jackfish 3. Based on their steam-to-oil ratios, the Jackfish projects are among the most efficient in Alberta.

On Devon’s Pike oil sands leases, application has been filed for regulatory approval for a project with gross production capacity of 105,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. Between the Jackfish projects and Pike, Devon expects its net SAGD production to exceed 150,000 barrels of oil per day by 2020.

Beyond production, Devon’s environmental, health and safety practices are governed by two corporate values:

  • Always do the right thing—embrace honesty and uncompromised integrity as the foremost core value
  • Be a good neighbour— improve the overall quality of life in the communities where Devon operates.

Innovation and ingenuity loom large in both respects. At Jackfish, for example, only brackish water from a deep saline aquifer is used to generate steam. And the company has been applying innovative procedures and technologies resulting in a reduced environmental footprint for pipelines and road construction. Devon Canada employees, for example, have developed practices—capitalizing, for one, on low-disturbance frost utilization using blanketed wood chips to insulate and freeze-in smaller constructed access roads—that are reducing the environmental impact of road construction on valuable forested and agricultural lands across Alberta. These employees had the freedom to develop pioneering resource solutions because the company created an environment that encouraged new solutions to industry challenges. As for neighbourliness, in the small largely aboriginal community of Conklin, Devon helped build a high school and ensure an accredited educational program that would allow students to earn diplomas while living at home with their families.

These practices ultimately led to improved shareholder value and greater social trust in the industry. Devon’s overall commitment has led to innovation and continuous improvement in industry practices that protect valuable environmental and social resources. 

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